About Buffalo Tom Peabody


Fiction is the colorful “costume” reality puts on so you’ll listen to all of it; the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

I could not live without Heroes. Imperfect Heroes. My world would be bleak without Mark Twain, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. For me, these three are beacons of great light filling me with hope and strength to overcome weakness. I will rely on and need my heroes my whole life through because I will never be perfect, just better. My heroes were passionate about social justice, kindness, generosity and human decency, in other words, Humanism and Humanitarianism. I hope these ideals are reflected in my blog. That’s my goal here along with an attempt at humor.

Samuel Clemens is not exactly the same person as the celebrity Mark Twain. I think having a private and a public persona is brilliant! If the public persona is bright enough and entertaining enough it will somewhat protect the creative, private persona. I think Samuel Clemens was the writer and Mark Twain “sold it” and continues to sell it to this very day. Mark Twain is probably a more perfect hero than Samuel Clemens but make no mistake, I believe they are both worthy. My hero laid out the process for becoming a better person time and time again in fabulous costumes of colorful fiction.
Buffalo Tom Peabody, Gunther Tootie and Ignatius “IGGY ” Rattlebottom-Bunn are my feeble attempt to pay tribute to Mark Twain’s brilliant and immortal characters; Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and all the rest.
There is nothing I can say about Mark Twain that hasn’t been said better by someone else. I’m not a writer but I can say with conviction, because of Mark Twain, I am a better person. He has never let me down.

It takes guts to be blind. It must take superhuman strength and courage to be blind and deaf.
In their lifetimes, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy, perfectly expressed and defined the desires and needs of people with sensory disabilities and by extension anyone with a disability that affects mobility. Both women were champions of light over darkness, community over isolation and education over ignorance.

Helen Keller has always been in my life. My grandfather was blind and my grandmother had a photograph of Helen prominently displayed atop a china cabinet. My grandfather couldn’t see the photo but it inspired my grandmother and all the rest of us. Eventually I lost the majority of my eyesight due to the same genetic disease that affected my grandfather. I have low vision. I feel my way around with a white cane. I can discern night from day and with Android technology, extreme magnification and TTS I am able to blog and photoshop all that you see here. It is time consuming, sometimes tedious and frustrating but it is my personal victory over darkness and isolation.
Anne Sullivan Macy and Helen Keller are with me constantly. Teacher and Pupil.
My home is in Sheffield, Alabama which coincidentally is right next door to Tuscumbia, Alabama the birthplace and childhood home of Helen Keller, Ivy Green.



During their life times, my heroes met. Mutual admiration and yet imperfect as they were, inspiring each other AND generations to come … forever.

I hope you like my blog… it’s really imperfect.
You can check out my old blog and some of my other thoughts about Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan Macy and Mark Twain here:

28 thoughts on “About Buffalo Tom Peabody

    • Thanks, so much! Helen also had a terrific sense of humor. At one time, the Helen Keller home in Tuscumbia, was staffed by elderly volunteer ladies, who had family connections with the Keller family. I spent many hours listening to these lovely ladies tell stories about Helen and the history of Tuscumbia. I am the luckiest person on Earth for those experiences and their friendship.

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    • Thanks! And thanks for reminding me that I need to head over to your old blog and plunder through the posts I have not read. I love reading about “The City” especially by an author that brings it to life in such a personal way. I really appreciate you checking out my blog! 👍👍

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  1. Rumours of my abandonment of your imperfect blog are greatly exaggerated. Despite the fact it smells strongly of fresh paint in here. Both Her Majesty The Queen – for whom the smell of fresh paint is an everyday burden she must bear – and myself bid you good fortune and a fair wind in your latest endeavour. GO IGGY!

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    • LOL! One more reason for me to feel sorry for HER MAJESTY! I’ve always felt that the Royal Family snacks on lead paint chips. I would like to see , our version of TACKY royalty, Donald Trump, mud wrestle HER MAJESTY! The best two out of three would then go up against Prince Charles! And finally winding up in a tag team Throwdown with Camilla!
      I have got to get over to your blog for a heapin’ helpin’ Royal and Whitechapel news! 👍👍🐚


  2. Wow wow wow, am so happy I came to this one today. Oh Buddy, I have ‘blocked’ myself from visiting your blog again because I don’t want no more horrors, nightmares and triggers. The last one got me dreaming really scary, kkk and all and I paid a price to recover real quick. I am so grateful I got to read your about page and learn so much I dodn’t know. I have watched a HK movie and a little some on Mark Twain but that’s that. Thanks for still liking and hopefully reading some of my mismatches, wish you so so much. Just wanted to let you know I think of you but for self preservation I don’t read anything relating to Trump and his luns anymore.

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