Buffalo Tom Peabody

To the friends of Buffalo Tom Peabody

To the friends of Buffalo Tom Peabody’s Blogs 1 and 2: It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that my brother Kenneth M. Clements, the creator of Buffalo Tom, Gunther Tootie, Iggy, Bubba, and their other pals, passed away suddenly on May 21st, just a few days after his last post to Buffalo Tom’s Blog 2. Ken was always pleased by the many supportive comments his satirical collages produced, and I know he would want me to extend a big, heart-felt Thank You to all of you. We all miss Ken and his humor and commitment very much, and could never replace his talent and dedication to this Blog. As one of his – and mine – heroes (Mark Twain) said: “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” May laughter be with us all our days.


32 thoughts on “To the friends of Buffalo Tom Peabody

  1. Megan, Tubularsock is so very sorry about this tragic news.

    And Tubularsock’s heart goes out to you and your family as well as to Buffalo Tom, Gunther Tootie, Iggy, and Bubba as well.

    Their loss will be felt and Tubularsock and his created “accomplices” mourn this loss as well.


    Megan, I had a feeling about this when I hadn’t heard from Ken during these last few outrageous crazy political months. I knew when he wasn’t in the forefront of outrage then something had happened.

    He was a very clever and insightful fellow and I’ll miss his work a great deal.

    And to you and your family I extend my heartfelt condolences.

    –Dan Stevenson III

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  2. OMG, this is very sad news that confirms my worst fears. Though I never met Ken, I grew to love him not only through his hilarious and witty posts, and also because of the strong support for my blog and kindness toward me that he consistently displayed. Like Lara/Trace, I am devastated, and send my sincerest condolences to you Megan, as well as to all of Ken’s family.

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  3. I wondered where they were, and I join all the other fans of Tom’s delightful collages in mourning his passing. Hugs for you and his family in this sad time of transition. He was a brilliant satirist, a sane voice in these troubling times, and just plain funny as heck! It was a comforting and healthily subversive combination.


  4. So sorry to hear, although like the other commenters, I had a feeling something had happened. He was one of a kind and fearless. . . The kind of person we would all like know in “person” but happy to have known him and his proxies!

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  5. I clicked “like” not because I like the news, but because I fell in love in Buffalo Tom and a sign of a send off to a wonderful, talented person. Like others here who have commented, I felt that his absence would be our worst fears. My heart hurts. Condolences to you and family.


  6. I kept checking the blog, wondering whether he was off on an adventure… I’m so sorry, I truly am – Sending my love to you and the family, he will be missed on here by his readers (I am a far newer reader than most) and I hope he is at peace and having using his sense of humour to the fullest wherever he is! xxxxxxxxx


  7. I’ve been offline for several months and now finding out. I’m quite sorry to hear this.
    Wherever you may be, out there in the universe,

    “Kenneth, thank you for the laughs and the bombast
    from the cast of the fast and the ludicrous, truth long in the tooth
    in a world removed from the ordinary, will not fade without you.

    You fought the good fight, now rest in peace. Cheers mate.


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