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Pet Peeves: To Be Or Not To Be?

It’s that time of year again…

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Last Friday me, Gunther & Iggy took our final exams at Sweet Home Elementary School. Gunther & Iggy both got A”s and will matriculate!
I used my time-tested strategy that has kept me in the 4th grade for 4 semesters..




The good news is…  Me, Gunther & Iggy will all be in Mr Busby’s 4th grade class in the fall! (Next time I’ll try $200!)
Here is some other stuff…





$80 more in FLUNK-uation money & I’ll break even!

Your best friends,
Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy
4th Graders!

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9 thoughts on “Pet Peeves: To Be Or Not To Be?

    • Mornin’, Jim,
      I just asked Buffalo Tom if he knew what matriculate meant and he said, “Matriculate is when your Ma thinks that Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down is taking too long to get here.” Mr. Busby is thinking about putting Buffalo Tom BACK a grade so he can take 3rd grade over again… he says that Buffalo Tom is “unconventionally smart.” We think that’s the same thing as fake news and alternative facts.😞


  1. lol! The face hiding in the woman’s diastema made me spit out my coffee in a big guffaw! Well, I lied, but I did laugh when I ended up on that last image, and was grateful I wasn’t drinking coffee at the time!

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