Dateline New York City:
The Hillbilly Hemorrhoid
Royal Flowers
(Larry’s Dad)






What a great day!

Your best friend,
Royal Flowers (Larry’s Dad)
You can call me Roy or you can call me Al!

Daily Briefing, Royal Flowers

Daily Briefing: Breaking News!

Extra! Extra!


13 thoughts on “Daily Briefing: Breaking News!

    • Thank you, Horty!
      Isn’t it rich hearing Trump calling democracy in action an “attack on our country?” The pieces are beginning to fall into place exposing the complicity of all these Crooks with the Republican Party. It’s treason perpetrated with the full consent of the GOP from top to bottom.

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  1. Watching him whine and squirm now…”Unfair! Witch hunt” “Unamerican” “The attorney general made a huge mistake”! On and on! He even brings up Hillary and the “terrible crimes” she committed. “They found nothing! Nothing!” I think he feels cornered for good now. “Lies!” “I think it’s disgraceful and so do a lot of other people!” Gad! what a wanker!

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    • Spot-on, Doug! Leave it to Trump to call democracy in action an “attack on America.” I believe, that when it’s all said and done, this entire dark episode in American history perpetrated by every Republican will be worthy of a symbolic”State Clown Funeral” for the GOP.👍👊 I hope Rebekah Mercer does some jail time along with the Koch brothers.

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