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Magnum BTP: Deep State

The Deep State…


21 thoughts on “Magnum BTP: Deep State

  1. Excellent! What can Tubularsock say? Well, a lot but EXCELLENT covers your work comfortably so Tubularsock will have time to light up another joint to go with his Wild Turkey ……….. ahhhh, what was Tubularsock saying?

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      • I don’t know if I can last an hour or whatever it takes for the same reason. The combination of the sound of his voice + the way his mouth looks when he talks are tedious to experience. (Some editorial cartoonist compared it to an anal sphincter muscle in appearance, and that about covers it….)

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      • AH-HAHAHA hilarious! I’ve heard he plans on extolling the virtues of the Republican tax scam… because of budget cuts caused by the tax scam people should be checking with their local City council’s and County governments to see just how high their property taxes, rents, sales tax and fees will be increasing to cover the Billionaire’s trillion-dollar theft. County hospitals and County Schools will be closing in my area due to the “cuts” and working Trump supporters with children will now have to pay the full cost of daycare for their children. Nursing homes that care for Seniors on Medicaid are planning a “1st step” copay to cover Medicaid cuts and Medicare cuts. the average tax cut for the average American should cover about 10% of these new taxes, fees, co-pays and costs. Trump will be working his latest swindle on his loyal followers tonight…😨

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  2. Perusing this blog, from the brilliant Buff,
    An hour is just not long enough,
    To digest the clever humorous stuff!
    After reading my laughter glands, are rough,
    Overuse you see, and I can’t get enough!


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