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We’re doing everything we can to help Doug Jones get elected!
– Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Larry, Iggy and Hillbilly Tom




Be sure to check out Reba’s video for additional insight about my post. Thanky!






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RUN Y’ALL! The Republican Party of “family values” nippin’ at yer heels!
– Hillbilly Tom


15 thoughts on “Hillbilly Logic: Fancy

    • LOL! Republicans have lots of issues and that’s why they cluster together in the Republican Party. It’s much harder to notice any one weirdo or pervert in a huge group of weirdos and perverts. Not only are all Republicans child molesters they also pick their noses and eat it! They also sniff bicycle seats!😝👃😝🙊 that’s why I always remove my tricycle seat when I’m not using it.


    • Republicans will soon find out that their endorsement of Roy Moore has created a divide and sparked righteous anger against Republicans that is dividing their party here and will eventually destroy it. They have done to themselves exactly what they have been trying to do to progressives. the only thing that can save Republicans at this point is if Roy Moore loses. If he wins the Republicans hold on the south will begin to crumble to a level that even voter suppression can’t save them. People really do shoot themselves in the foot! The money NOW pouring into Roy Moore’s campaign from the RNC is being viewed, by Alabama Republicans, as carpetbagging.

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