19 thoughts on “The Trump Tower Caper (26-f) Psycho Fallout Shelter

  1. I had the misfortune to hear Ann Coulter for the first time on BBC Radio 4 this morning. I don’t wish to denigrate the lady in any way, but what an absolute, fucking bitch queen from hell!
    Make sure you let me know first if Trump comes any closer to impeachment btw

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    • Ann Coulter is definitely disgusting. I imagine that Ann and Eva Braun would have a lot in common.
      Trump’s impeachment and removal will take some time since the Republican House and Senate would have to do the impeaching. Expect indictments first and then as the prosecution’s begin ( which will undermine and threaten the entire Republican Party) Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan who have totally supported all of Trumps crap will then act on impeachment in an effort to save the Republican Party. First they will ask him to resign, which will sidetrack some of the embarrassment and criminal charges, if he refuses to resign public outcry will force the issue. Robert Mueller has already taken steps that will likely prevent Trump or Mike Pence from pardoning anybody. fortunately, no matter how Trump leaves office, an avalanche of civil subpoenas await him and his crime family. Not the least of which is a rape of a minor accusation. right now the most important thing to our racist Nazi fascist Republicans is there 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut which will trigger “PayGo” requiring additional massive cuts to Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. before the ink is even dry on the tax cuts scam Republicans will start screaming about the massive deficits they have created… And So It Goes.😨

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      • I love these bulletins of yours, Tom. They raise my spirits and then have me biting down hard on my knuckles in frustration at the tortuous machinations of your political process over there.
        Can’t you just hang the bastard at Tower Hill like we used to do with political undesirables? Pretty please? 😉
        On a serious note, thanks a million for keeping this limey shmuck in the loop my good friend. Much appreciated 🙂

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      • My pleasure. I love speculating on this political stuff. Michael Flynn was indicted today. He’s one of Putin’s biggest “poodles” so it will be interesting to hear Sarah “succubus” Sanders spin on this most recent development.
        I’ve been thinking that all of this Ultra right-wing nefarious activity is a part of a global effort. It just doesn’t seem likely that this is just Putin and Trump. I think it is the billionaire oligarchs war against the rest of us. There are just too many governments behaving like loose cannons?

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      • Yep, I saw the Flynn arrest news on the BBC. Great stuff. Do you think Trump has early stage dementia? I heard it mooted on an American TV show earlier. It would explain an awful lot.
        As for your oligarch theory? Nothing ever surprises me post Brexit and Trump nowadays

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      • Trump is done and I think he’s been done since day one. When Trump fire James Comey that was the Smoking Gun. Also reveal today is Jared Kushner as the person who directed Michael Flynn to contact the Russians on behalf of the Trump campaign. It doesn’t take too much Googling to discover what a scumbag Jared Kushner is. it’s also been reported that Michael Flynn has exhausted all his money on his self defense. you got to laugh at him yelling at Ellery, “Lock her up!” there is so much rancor at this point for Trump and all Republicans, for that matter, that anything could happen. it also looks like vice president Pence is responsible for Michael Flynn and Jared kushner’s activities during the transition with the Russians which more than likely means an impeachment for Pence as well. it is also being speculated that speaker of the house Paul Ryan and majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell could be implicated as well by assisting the Russians in weaponizing the information on Hillary Clinton and the WikiLeaks.
        I’m not sure if Trump is crazy or the worst example of a cranky stupid old man. I say this because his kids are really no different from him.
        We live in exciting times, my Friend! Keep up the great work on your end!👍👊

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  2. You have no idea how heartening your latest bulletin is, old friend. Here in London, England, the Flynn story is the 2nd item on the news agenda of most organisations right now, second only to the amusing news that Mrs May’s deputy has been caught with thousands of pornographic images on his laptop in The House of Commons.
    Naturally, this oily piece of crap denies all knowledge of it. Maybe it was the cleaning lady, or even, Russian hackers hahaha.
    As for Trump and his stinking fascist mobsters, I hunger for the day when Uncle Sam removes his underpants and washes the shit stain of this administration out for good.

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    • LOL! Excellent analysis! Considering what our Congress is doing with the tax scam or welfare for billionaires bill demonstrates that Trump will have Republican support up until but not longer than… It takes him to sign the scam into law. I predict that Trump will resign and declare his tax scam bill as proof he’s made America great again… mere hours before he is indicted an obstruction of justice charges, racketeering charges and lying to the FBI. Seriously though, I think there will be plenty of chicanery before it is all said and done but one thing I am sure of is that the majority of Americans will not be satisfied until the Trump crime family is Thoroughly punished AND humiliated. Good Times!👍👍

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      • Most definitely and his most recent tweets are self incriminating. Right now the Republican tax scam has ratcheted up into the complete laundry list of Republican theft. Trump endorsed Roy Moore, the child molester from Alabama, so it’s official Republicans are child molesters AND anti-abortion as well. Republican Chuck Grassley from Iowa declared that there is no point in giving tax cuts to working people because they would just spend it on booze and broads. You can’t make this stuff up! I hope people are also noticing that the show called moderate Republicans have all jumped on board Trump’s text scam especially for the pork Rewards. if they keep this up, I think my dream of a Billionaire’s confiscation of wealth tax could become a reality!👍👊

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  3. Here’s hoping, my friend 😀
    I became embroiled in an online altercation with a few Trumpist assholes yesterday. It really is pointless trying to reason with these dullards. I ended up ripping the piss out of their spelling and punctuation. That tactic drives ’em crazy hahaha.
    One genius of a woman told me I should stop attacking 45, as he’s “a good man”
    SAY WHAT??? hahaha!

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    • It is definitely a waste of time talking to the Trump cult because everyone, including Trump, is trying to be something they’re not and they’re counting on Trump to prove that lying, cheating, stealing and racism are the formula for success. I think their biggest fear is being exposed for the fakes that they are. I think the only solution is to put them in prison when they break the law and otherwise SHUN them because without an audience to “impress” with their bullsh*t… all they have is each other… and they already know that they’re all full of crap.


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