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Indians are lousy television? Your Gift on Thanksgiving

Check out Lara’s excellent blog! I have always been conflicted about Thanksgiving and I’ve always had an endless stream of questions about my Native American heritage. Lara’s blog, for me, is a totem/fountain of information and resources. it’s a good feeling knowing where the experts are! Thanks, Lara!

lara trace hentz

By Lara/Trace

Don’t feel bad about knowing little to nothing about American Indians or First Nations in North America. I have a special treat for you on this day of Thanksgiving and our ways of giving thanks.  It’s a half-hour talk by a Native scholar K. Tsianina Lomawaima.  Give yourself this gift. Just remember how Indians are lousy television.  WHAT?  Ha!

So watch this

The Second Thanksgiving (by We Are Thomasse)!

Here’s an earlier post on Thanksgiving. (photo at left) Do American Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?

I wanted you all to know I am doing research on the abolitionists who became reformers in Indian Country.  These people were the thinkers of the day, in the time periods of the 1800s until early 1900. I’m reading more than I am writing. I understand it would be a good thing if I wrote more essays for this blog. And I plan…

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3 thoughts on “Indians are lousy television? Your Gift on Thanksgiving

  1. As a part Ojibwe, I say Miigwech Lara! The myth of Thanksgiving has yet some dangerous and racist truths surrounding it. My native brothers and sisters on the East coast help those Europeans to survive and what did they get for it? Robbed and Killed. I’ll get together with my family of Welsh-Irish-Scottish and Ojibwe heritage for turkey and fellowship on the third Thursday of November, but don’t bring up Puritans or any other white-washed history. Anishinaabe-bimaadizi!

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