11 thoughts on “The Trump Tower Caper (Pt 10): Inflation

    • Hahaha! You are absolutely correct and it was part of the inspiration for this post. I remember the potato joke being told on a sitcom not so long ago and it still gets a huge laugh. I think the rest of the small penis psychology in this post is accurate. These Republicans are some pretty sick puppies.😨

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      • The important thing is your trenchant wit helps the rest of us endure the madness. I mean, Governor Ivy says she’ll vote for a serial pedophile rather than – ick! ick! ick! – a Democrat! America needs lots of satirists to put that into perspective. Otherwise, I, for one, would have to buy a new television to replace the one I ruined each time with a tossed object when more madness came on. I appreciate the public service you perform PLUS I enjoy the laughs!

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      • Thank you for your kind words! you make an excellent point with Governor Ivey. Here, in Alabama, we have been victimized by voter suppression for decades beginning with the KKK. We did have a great governor in Don Siegelman (D) not long ago. He was so popular that he scared the Daylights out of Karl Rove and the RNC…. so much so that Don was railroaded into prison, aided and abetted by Alabama media. Karl Rove and the rest of the racist Nazi fascist Republicans knew that if Alabama could muster enough voters to counteract voter suppression that Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana Georgia and the rest of the “southern block” could do it too.
        One thing I know about Alabama is endorsing an accused child molester by Trump and Governor Ivey is probably a step too far. I could be wrong but for the first time I feel like we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Trump hateful agenda.👊 it also appears that Robert Mueller is determined to put the Trump crime family in prison.👍

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