6 thoughts on “Something’s Burning

    • I agree with you. Education and children are so important and we can’t afford to cut corners. I believe that children need to know that their communities care about them. children are never responsible for the circumstances that they find themselves in, so we must look after their needs by seeing to it that they are well fed, properly clothed, educated and protected. ALL kids. My problem with Betsy DeVos is that I don’t think she, or most Republicans for that matter, see value and potential in other people. I hope things change soon because kids can’t wait.

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    • You said it! I think the Republicans have now been distilled down to their completely rotten core.. I do know that the Republicans who voted for George W bush and then got burnt by the Republicans, turned right around and voted for Trump… With their eyes wide open and no matter how bad Trump burns them they will vote for the next Republican authoritarian to pop out of the Republican anus. something to think about while sitting around the Thanksgiving table. I stick by my motto when it comes to ALL Republicans, “Grunt and walk away.”

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      • I agree. I can no longer tolerate – make that ‘refuse to tolerate’ – Chump supporters, and I can barely disguise my disdain for Rethuglicans either.

        At the risk of being highly offensive and politically incorrect (which Chump supporters love), a close long-time and extremely liberal female friend of mine refers to the GOP as “Republicunts” – revealing the intensely of her hatred as, like most women, she loathes that word.

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      • they are bringing out the worst in everyone which is exactly what evil is rumored to do. I have been checking out my theory on moderate Republicans by researching Susan Collins and wow is she a mess and just like Lindsey Graham and and John McCain, her purpose is to polish the turd & making Republicans look thoughtful and cautious and make the “hard decisions” like killing people. their answer for everything is to hurt someone. that’s not a political party that’s a death cult. murder is murder no matter how much spin, polish or thought they put into it.😨

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