We support Doug Jones (D) in the US Senate race! December 12th, 2017.
– Buffalo Tom, Gunther, Iggy &Larry

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Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental, accidental and unavoidable.)
– B.D. Mosley


And now, part 5…
The Peabody Free Press…


And what’s this in the Daily Grope?



Elsewhere in the United Stooges…


And what new nonsense is afoot from the Goons…


The Peabody Free Press says something OR someone stinks in Slovenia…


I think Malaria is getting the gold mine while we get the shaft!


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Buffalo Tom Peabody

Somebody Pleeeeze! (Part 5): Weekend Edition


4 thoughts on “Somebody Pleeeeze! (Part 5): Weekend Edition

    • I hope so, Jeff. The evangelicals seem to have a get-out-of-jail-free card for everything. It is definitely the home of the ultimate hypocrite. My friend says they also issue get into heaven free cards as well. If it sounds like a scam… That’s because it is and it’s impossible to separate them from Trump and the rest of the Republicans scam artists. The Prosperity Gospel is very popular in many Evangelical churches and they believe rich people are rich because they’re better than everybody else and being rewarded by God and poor people are being punished for their moral failing. It’s very difficult to reason with people who think of God as an ATM. Around here most people have a dismissive or negative feeling about Evangelical Christians and the EC’scomprise about 1/3 of our community… which, not by coincidence, matches Trump and the racist Nazi fascist Republicans 35% Bass. don’t expect Trump’s base to do anything that makes sense. They will rationalize Roy Moore’s Behavior in crazy ways and most of them will be based on white male privilege. the good news is, those of us in the remaining 2/3 are really getting sick and tired of this mindless nonsense.👍👊

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  1. Buffalo Tom Peabody, thanks for following Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”
    Tubularsock is going to follow you as well because the shit you are laying down here is excellent! Great work.
    Tubularsock just would NEVER have believed that there was anyone in Alabama that had a brain …… Tubularsock was wrong!
    You and your work are amazing and Tubularsock has to rearrange his thinking here!
    So ALL Alabamians aren’t inbred it appears ……… good to know.
    Thanks BTP!

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    • My pleasure and thank you for your kind words! Your blog is amazing. As you might imagine Progressives down here have to be pretty fierce, that’s why we produce so many civil rights leaders and social justice organizations. We do have a huge problem with people voting against their best interests. The Republican “southern strategy” has been extremely successful in isolating and exploiting our personal and cultural weaknesses. Chief among those weaknesses is a feeling of prestige at any cost and as it turns out the actual cost has been our self respect. Prestige and white privilege walk hand-in-hand for many here. the rest of us think that diversity, generosity and kindness are the worthiest sources of pride. we certainly have our work cut out for us. thank you for helping us shoulder the load!
      Doug Jones (D) for the US Senate, December 12th, 2017! 👊

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