Looking back on the first day of the fourth grade… August, 2016…

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Today was the first day of school for me and the guys! All three of us are in Mr. Busby’s 4th grade class. Mr. Busby is a great teacher and everybody likes him.


This is my third semester in the 4th grade which makes me a 4th grade enthusiast!
I am a former 3rd grade, 2nd grade and 1st grade enthusiast!


…These are some of our new friends!


Because school started today, we took the day off yesterday to visit the French “Quarter” here in Sweet Home.


Me and the guys are taking up a collection to erect historical markers … or as we call them … “hysterical markers” to point out all of the exciting sights that you should visit.
Here is the story behind the French Quarter…







We are still transferring files but we figured we better do a test post and make sure we’re doing it right.

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Buffalo Tom Peabody

Fashion Cents-Less: The French Quarter


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