Buffalo Tom Peabody

Don’t be duped by Trump and the rest of the racist Nazi fascist Republicans!
– Buffalo Gal Peabody

Buffalo Tom Peabody's blog 2

Hi everybody!
It’s me, Buffalo Gal.
I’m filling in for Buffalo Tom, Gunther & Iggy while they transfer files and argue about what should or should not be deleted…
My topic today is “Duper’s Delight” also known as “Why is Donald Trump such a big fat liar?”



One thing that a sociopath feels is ‘dupers delight’. A sociopath doesn’t feel too many emotions. He can feel lots of things, anger, narcisstic rage, jealousy, paranoia, if it’s a feeling. But they don’t actually feel real feelings like other people feel. Its kind of an empty space.


Because of this sociopaths struggle with boredom and ways to get excitement. One way that they can get a rush is by manipulation and deceit, and deliberately conning someone. This is called dupers delight. The rush that they feel when they are conning someone who they feel is more stupid, and can’t see…

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3 thoughts on “Duper’s Delight

  1. This was brilliant the first time around, and is just as relevant – if not more so! Sad thing is, it seems that the Drumpf’s psychosis is spreading across the interwebs faster than untreated Ebola. Many people are exhibiting the same symptoms, it appears.

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    • 100%! You are so right! You know when you have that “moment” And it feels like a ton of bricks just fell on you? I don’t think the racist Nazi fascist Republicans will be able to escape that moment when the world figures out just exactly who these “benevolent billionaires” are actually working for. I mean there will be a day of reckoning when even Trump realizes that he’s just a means to an end for the greedy billionaires agenda. It is all so absurd that it can only blow up in their faces. there’s just way too many of us and far too few of them.👊

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      • Trump will never realize anything – you give him too much credit! He’s having too much fun playing golf and “acting presidential” to worry about things like infrastructure, climate change, or the direct links between himself, Paul Manafort, and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

        He could be in a padded cell, wearing the snug-fitting jacket and giving himself an everlasting hug – and still mutter, “make ‘murica great again…you’re fired…where’s Ivanka?!?”

        Some people never learn a thing. Their enablers don’t allow it. Trump is prime, glaring evidence of this.


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