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Fashion Senseless:Waffle House Wedding


9 thoughts on “Fashion Senseless:Waffle House Wedding

  1. Hilarious, but sad too. I’m sure there are many with lives like those parodied who get married, but possess few of the skills or maturity to make a marriage work or properly raise the children they’ll soon (or often already) have. But hey, Chump is gonna make their lives great again!

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    • Hahahahaha! Thanks, Jeff 👍🍕
      This Waffle House is about 6 blocks from where we live and has quite a few weddings. They have amazingly good coffee too. The goofy Trump supporters have toned it down some since the Niger incident. I don’t believe for one second that these Trump supporters are patriots but it requires zero effort so they add it to their resume. what really gets me is they can’t shut up about Harvey Weinstein but of course nothing about Bill O’Reilly. I know how frustrating it is for some liberals trying to deal with all of the hypocrisy but the funny thing is these Trump supporters know that they are hypocrites. they all have Blind Faith in the Divine Right of Republicans; “Greed Is Good” and as you say also very sad because there is no pot of gold at the end of THIS rainbow.

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      • Oh yes! our Waffle House has a relatively small dining room so they rope off the handicapped parking spaces and hold the official ceremony under the adjacent trees. people have weddings everywhere down here even in car dealership showrooms… if they aren’t already booked for the High School prom! I picked these photos off of a friend’s Facebook page. The funniest place I’ve ever been to for a wedding around here was at the Coon-Dog Cemetery with a reception among the tombstones. 👍👍

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      • LOL!!! You definitely live in a different world than me! I spent 17 years in St. Louis, where I owned and operated a B&B in a progressive historic urban district, otherwise have lived the rest of my life in urban regions of California. How is that you’re so progressive?

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      • LOL! The southeast is full of liberals and progressives they just don’t know it and since the Civil War Carpetbaggers have been convincing us to vote against our best interests. Trump is the perfect example of a Carpetbagger taken to a presidential level. Divide, conquer and run away with the spoils. There used to be a lot of FDR Democrats down here because the New Deal lifted the Gulf States and the Appalachians out of abject poverty… but that was another generation and memories are short… and now the racist fascist nazi Republicans are pushing us back into poverty.😨 St Louis a perfect example of this transition.

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