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Just say no to trickle down economics and billionaire tax cuts…

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Check out these brief videos and see how the top 2% are doing…

Now meet the D.C. Sack Wranglers who make all this possible… Tax cuts! Tax cuts! Tax cuts!… and why should corporations pay taxes.? They don’t pay a living wage.


When it comes to tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) is one of the biggest Sack Wranglers…


Joking aside, people actually die due to health care budget cuts and cuts to Social Security.



When it comes to picking our pockets, Republicans have found that trickle down economics or “Reaganomics” works best… it’s also known as “Economic Slavery”, that’s the process by which rich people/corporations (The Fascist Plutocrats) get to have slaves without the expense of actually owning them… i.e. it’s cheaper for Plutocrats to pay you a crappy low wage and make you pay for your own housing, health care and…

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5 thoughts on “Daily Briefing: Sack Wranglers

    • Hi Marie! Trump has definitely taken a turn for the worse. Fortunately, everything he does faces a legal challenge in the courts but it’s exhausting none the less. Maybe he has finally snapped and will be taken out of the White House in a straight jacket! LOL! That would be good news👍👍


      • I am currently reading HRC’s book titled What Happened and am dazzled enough to leave a very gutting review for the American People once I finish. I will say those delegates or super delegates who sold their souls to Putin and Trump have definitely condemned the entire country to purgatory. Hope his unraveling and ‘out of there’ will lead to the real sacking of wranglers and you got to teach them that much in your elections next year. Gone are the years when the world looked up to the USA with admiration if nothing more

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      • it is definitely going to be A Hard Road Ahead. Trump is now killing people with a smile on his face. Trump, the Republican Party of the United States and their supporters are a death cult. The Robert Mueller investigation is closing in on Trump and his administration. Removing the president must be a difficult and intensive process otherwise Trump supporters would be removing good presidents. So it will take some time. We must continue to speak out, demonstrate and resist.👊 constant vigilance!👊


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