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Hump Day eyeTunes

Melania Trump will address the United Nations today to talk about children and human rights… Meanwhile Donald Trump and the racist Nazi fascist republicans in Congress are taking food and Healthcare away from American children…

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Do you have these albums?








Have a fun Hump Day!

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4 thoughts on “Hump Day eyeTunes

  1. LOL Buffalo Tom! There sure have been some horrific albums made over the years. And WTF are the Rethuglicans thinking they’re going to achieve now with their cruel health care bill. Our only hope is if it passes, there will be an outpouring of rage from the portion of the electorate who doesn’t believe in their nonsense, and they’ll be voted out of office in 2018.

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    • Hahaha! it’s fun to go to YouTube and check out some of these Goofy albums. Most of them are just plain awful but some of them are so awful they are funny.
      You’re absolutely right about the latest bowel movement from the RepubliKlan Party. I think when Lindsey Graham”s housekeeper and houseboy show up for work with tuberculosis because they don’t have health care, things might change. To be a Republican a person has to be stupid with no thought for tomorrow… until they themselves come down with tuberculosis. They are sociopaths without exception. They can’t be changed. Lindsey Graham is so stupid and short-sighted that he can’t read the writing on the wall even as it pertains to him. Sociopaths have no regard for consequences… but there are always consequences… always.

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