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Imagine The Sidewalks of Mayberry

There were never any people of color in Mayberry… but Legend has it that once Opie saw “color people…”

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At least not until season 6 when the show switched to color.



(That’s Yogi for… Shazam!… which is Gomer -speak for… Imagine… & Toodles!)


Me and Gunther found this on the web yesterday, check it out!

Artist Creates Amazing Collage Artworks by Mixing Vintage Images and Found Materials
Born in 1975 in Bartoszyce, Poland and currently residing in Krakow, Franz Falckenhaus studied and graduated with a degree in Information Technology and Computer related Studies. Although he never had any formal training in the arts, Franz always had an interest in photography, film, and collage. His collage works are mainly digital and are always composed from selected vintage illustrations and images mixed with found paper materials. He skillfully combines self-made elements such as: backgrounds, shadows, and drawings with cleverly chosen photos to assemble them all together into art.

Franz’s style obviously shows recognition of his interest and passion with vintage aesthetics. His subject…

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