Buffalo Tom Peabody

You’re Selling What, Dear?

Support the DACA Dreamers in the same way you would want others to support your children. Keep the Dreamers right here where they belong.

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Salesmanship 101…


Always be closing and it helps to have a catchy slogan…


“Poop Smarter Not Harder”

(That’s Yogi for don’t forget to flush and wash your hands . . . and Toodles!)

Don’t forget to suggest related items. . .



The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

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8 thoughts on “You’re Selling What, Dear?

    • Hahaha! When I started that plunger stuff it was all because of a WordPress blog post I read that recommended toilet plungers as the perfect housewarming gift because they will “thank you later!” LOL! I sort of figured that if a person doesn’t buy their own plunger that when the time comes to use one they will probably forget they have it


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