10 thoughts on “We’ll Never Be Royals 3

    • LOL! Thanks, GH! I have always thought that Prince Charles worries that the queen will give away the throne before he gets a chance at it. Hahaha 👸👑👜 Camilla needs to get a queenly sized purse and stop worrying about her hats! LOL 👍👍


      • I’ll bet you’re right. I have to admit that I find the royal family very entertaining. Princess Diana was my favorite. I think she was inspiring and a true humanitarian. I think the whole world fell in love with her. 👍👍


      • That she was! It was Princess Diana that broke the fuddy duddy mould of stiff upper lip British Royalty and made them look better. Poll ratings went up for the monarchy. In that same light, Prince William is endearing too. He has the same disposition as his late mum. Together with Kate Middleton, I think they will make a great pair, giving UK much needed grace and humanitarian outlook. Aah well if “Bull Dog” (*read this nick name for her from somewhere and I wonder why?!😂) Camilla and Fuddy Duddy Charles take over then it is left to be seen how the people will adapt to their old school style😉

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    • Hahaha! Good one, Jim! Poor Camilla! The queen is known for her ever present sensible-type purses and Camilla is known for ridiculous hats. Remember when Royals had serious work to do? Like throwing people into London Tower to rot or beheaded. Those were the days! 👍👜👑👍


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