Buffalo Tom Peabody

The Nincompoop Coupe!

There’s a Peabody-mobile in your future…

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Car and Driver magazine has dubbed this little beauty “The Nincompoop Coupe”!


You don’t have to worry about plugging this little gem into a wall socket! This baby is a fossil fuel burner! So you can forget about the environment… Our “engineers” have!
The all new 2014 B.T. PeabodyMobile LTD!
“The Nincompoop Coupe!”
$29.95! (Money orders only, no personal checks, please!) Free plunger with every purchase!


Buffalo Gal is smiling, styling and profiling in her sporty convertible! She is a hit with the boys in this KLASSY Rag Top!

Don’t worry! We have not forgotten about families! We are featuring the ultra-roomy and luxurious B.T. PeabodyMobile Wagoneer! There is room for the whole soccer team and their plungers!


We know that some of you hillbilly-types need even more room! You can choose the all-new Southern Star 4 X 4 pickup! No matter what you want to haul or pull our…

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