6 thoughts on “Tom Waits’ Table 12: Quick Draw

      • LOL!
        Yes he is a horrible racist Pig just like Donald Trump and that’s why Trump pardoned him to send the message it’s okay to be a racist Pig. For many reasons, Trump does not have the authority to do this but since the Republicans in the House and Senate are racist pigs too… they are not keeping Trump in check. Since Trump is a republican Nazi fascist racist it’s becoming a racist free for all. There is no longer a Republican Party… just the Republican Nazi fascist racist Pigs. They all must go.

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      • Wow. I don’t keep up with him, I can’t stand to watch the news anymore because it’s just….I don’t know what has happened to this country. Everybody wants to erase the past. Why not try to better the present and more importantly….the future?

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