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At Home With The Peabody’s: Prairie Firewood

A few words about buffalo poop…
When the chips are down, the Buffalo is empty.

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Well, as many of you know, me and Gunter have a pet Buffalo named Buford. So we decided that we needed to tell you more about him.
We live on the prairie… Where there isn’t much of anything… No trees, no nothing! In the Wild West days, the settlers used to burn Buffalo chips for heating and cooking! Buffalo chips are dried out Buffalo poop. It is’nt recommended to use Buffalo chips in your cookstove when baking pastries…


Prairie Firewood is also known as Buffalo biscuits, meadow muffins, corral cookies, Buffalo pies and Buffalo chips.


Buford is an excellent source… Year round!


I usually carry an extra large shopping bag when I take Buford for a walk… So that I won’t get fined.


The “wagon train dropouts” who settled the Wild West depended on Buffalo chips for heat.


During the summer months, when there are lots of tourists… Me, Gunther…

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4 thoughts on “At Home With The Peabody’s: Prairie Firewood

    • Buffalo chips are amazingly odor-free when burned.
      I’ve heard that Trump is going to bring back all of the Buffalo Chip jobs that were lost under President Obama… kellyanne Conway will be sharing her Buffalo chip recipes on Fox News. 😝

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