6 thoughts on “Chef Buffalo Tom Peabody

    • LOL! A few years back we had a local entrepreneur who was selling a product called “Joggin’ In A Jug” which promise good health even without any exercise! It sold like hotcakes! Just before he’s sold this idea to a major manufacturer common it was revealed that “Joggin’ In A Jug” what’s basically just vinegar. Southern folklore says, “Consuming vinegar thins the blood eliminating blood clots… which may or may not be caused by Jell-O.” 👍👍


    • LOL! pickles are a vegetable that I like too so I’ve got lots of extra pickle juice just laying around! We’re thinking about marketing a new product called “Buffalo Tom’s dill pickle bath crystals” and “Buffalo Gal’s sweet pickle perfume and body splash!”
      … $29.95… No personal checks please! Visa and MasterCard welcome! 🛀💳👍👍

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