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First Days

It’s all good…

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Today was my first day in the 4th grade! I’ve waited six semesters for this day! As you know my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Stits, kept me in the 3rd grade for 3 years! She didn’t like me and she kept calling me Murray… Which made the real Murray very nervous. It didn’t help matters much when I was elected 3rd grade class president for my final two semesters! Or as Mrs Stits refers to my presidential win …”The day she died inside.” Emotional blackmail is one of her strong suits!


I really like first days! I like to meet new people and I really like making new friends! Adventure! Adventure! Adventure! That’s the name of the game!
My new teacher, Mr Busby, is also the Principal of Sweet Home Elementary School. SWEET!


I can tell that Mr Busby really likes all of us kids and it’s going to be…

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