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The Big Head Theory 1

it’s Monday… and what fresh hell will the Republicans and the billionaire Nazi fascists in the white house bring us this week?
Viva La Resistance!

Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1

Welcome to my authoritative new series… Because, it takes one to know one!


Is it funny… Or cause for concern?


Sure, his patronizing, condescending, superior attitude is annoying and unlikable…


But the merchandising opportunities are endless!

(Next time: Why don’t people with extremely large heads topple over?)

It’s The Big Head Theory!
Only on Buffalo Tom Peabody’s blog!

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3 thoughts on “The Big Head Theory 1

  1. I hope things will get better! Trump is really getting worst…he forgets he is President and not a cowboy billionaire. He should get a good media specialist…but I guess the people in hires do not sustain either.😕

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    • I think Trump is pretty much washed up along with the rest of his Republican Party. He will never get the people of the United States to support is Nazi fascist agenda. It will be a happy day when democracy returns to the United States of America. Viva La Resistance! 👍👊

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