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Honoring The Pointer Sisters for stepping out of the ordinary…

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Honoring the Pointer Sisters…


(l-r: June, Buffalo Gal, Anita and Ruth Pointer)
Remembering June Antoinette Pointer Whitmore (11/30/53-4/11/06)


The Pointer Sisters are from Oakland, California.


As good as their hits are, the more you dig into their catalog, the better they get!


They wrote their signature song “I’m So Excited” and their country crossover hit “Fairytale” among others.


Check them out on YouTube and iTunes!


They have so many great songs, it’s impossible to pick out one favorite!

The Pointer Sisters, stepping out of the ordinary!

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post/Buffalo Gal Peabody

    • The Pointer Sisters are definitely among the most impressive vocalist/musicians ever. Early on in their career they sang backup vocals on Kathi McDonald’s solo debut album “Insane Asylum” … a rock and blues masterpiece. Unfortunately Kathi was lumped in with Janis Joplin sound-alikes, do to her brief stint with Big Brother and the Holding Company in 1970. Fortunately there are YouTube videos ably demonstrating Kathi’s immense talent and originalsttyle. 👍👍


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