4 thoughts on “The Bad Seeds

    • LOL! we live in a really weird part of Alabama. We don’t have any Civil War statues and any public use of the stars and bars Confederate flag ended during the Civil Rights Movement. Lauderdale and Colbert County, where I live, did not send soldiers to the Civil War. The only reason for this, that I can think of, is our strategic location on the Tennessee River and relatively low population at that time. I also believe that Helen Keller drew a spotlight to our area which made us all aspire to do better. In the early 20th century the US government established the Tennessee Valley Authority which created the Tennessee River locks system and federal Land Management and preservation. This along with the United States Naval investment in our area lifted us out of abject poverty. The government created good jobs that still serve our country. Muscle Shoals became an influential Music Hub in the late 1950s thru today. when the world is paying attention, I believe, people try to do better. Here in the Shoals we celebrate and respect diversity. For many many reasons people have been relocating here from all over the world and this has shaped our attitudes. it’s much more complicated than I can express here… and as for the rest of Alabama… politically speaking?… oh dear.
      Helen Keller has proved to me that each of us can be a beacon for decency and human rights. 👍👍


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