Buffalo Tom Peabody

Walton-ized: Olivia’s Milestone

Some things don’t change and some things do on Walton’s Mountain…

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Well, as you know crazy Mary Ellen Walton married Curtis Willard the town Doctor and she finally had her baby! She had been pregnant for about 2 years..


I think John Curtis Willard looks just like Buffalo Tom Boy!
Buffalo Tom:
After the baby came, things started to settle down again. Me and Mama got really close…


But it wasn’t long and a change started coming over Mama… Even her best friend, Sarah, noticed…


Mama was getting so cranky and hairy that us kids were getting worried…


Mama just about blew a gasket when Ike Godsey…


Well, you know Ike…he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut… He told Mama she could sing in his barber shop quartet now that she had a mustache…


All of this gossip was taking its toll on Mama… And then one night the mustache hit the fan!


Mama got so mad… She…

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