Buffalo Tom Peabody

Walton-ized: The Pony Cart

Meanwhile, back on Walton’s Mountain…

Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1


Buffalo Tom:
Me and Gunther just watched our favorite Waltons episode ever! “The Pony Cart.”
This episode has one of our favorite Waltons in it… Martha Corinne! She is Grandpa Walton’s aunt and is over 90 years old!


Buffalo Tom really likes her because she is the only person who is almost as bossy as he is!


Buffalo Tom:
Well, the old gal comes to Walton’s Mountain to Walton-ize The Waltons! I couldn’t have been happier!


Cousin Martha Corinne brings everybody a beautiful gift and then starts bossing everybody around… Telling them what to do and how to do it!
Of course, she recognizes that Buffalo Tom is a kindred spirit and asks for his help…


Buffalo Tom:
Naturally, The Waltons are having none of it! They all get their panties in a great big wad! Especially Grandma! So, Mama Walton, gently informs…

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