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Walton-ized: The Motion Picture

When you”twerk” hard for the money… it just had to happen!

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Don’t miss, what is bound to be, Buffalo Tom Peabody and Gunther Tootie’s Academy Award-Winning performances in…”Walton-ized: The Motion Picture”!

Coming to a Drive-In Theater near you!

You’ll love this heartwarming story of two adorable boys visiting a family of mountain hillbillies during the Great Depression!

You’ll laugh… You’ll cry… You’ll go to the Snack Bar!

Join Buffalo Tom and Gunther as they journey to Walton’s Mountain!

Non-stop hi-jinks and nincompoopery!
You’ll love Grandma Walton… She’s crankier than ever… Yelling at everybody! You’ll laugh when Buffalo Tom says to Grandma, “I see your lips moving but I can’t hear you!” You’ll roar with laughter as Gunther silently moves his lips while looking at Grandma so she’ll think she’s going deaf! It’s a fun-filled laugh riot!

PLUS the extra-added attraction… Shogun Buffalo Tom Peabody-san performing “I Kissed A Squirrel And I Liked It” Musical Short Featurette!

Buffalo Tom is definitely Twerking…

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2 thoughts on “Walton-ized: The Motion Picture

    • Yes! Sam Walton was Grandpa Waltons twin brother who married Melania Trump. (She’s much older than you think) at an early age Sam Walton left Walton’s Mountain for Bentonville, Arkansas… where he quickly discovered; “People will buy anything if you stack it in huge piles.” As soon as Zeb Walton got word, back on Waltons Mountain, that Sam was selling Underpants in huge piles at his Walmart stores, Zeb disowned him and erased Sam’s name from The Family Bible… to this day, the Virginia Waltons refer to the Bentonville, Arkansas Waltons as “The Walton’s with piles.” Grandma Walton once said, “I told Sam that Melania was a foreigner and would get him into big trouble with the Russians!” … Grandma was way ahead of her time!
      ^^Iggy, historian ( ITT Tech online degree) 🐒


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