Your best friend,
ALF (Gordon Shumway)
(That’s Yogi and Planet Melmacian for;
“I’m not allowed to eat cats at the Tanner’s OR Peabody’s house!… & Toodles!)
I kill me!

"IGGY" Ignatius Rattlebottom-Bunn, Buffalo Tom Foolery, Buffalo Tom Peabody, Gunther Tootie, Larry "Bubba" Flowers, Summer Vacation

Fashion Sensible: Update!

Summer staycation…


21 thoughts on “Fashion Sensible: Update!

    • Thank you, Dr. Rex!
      the walls are closing in on the Trump crime family! Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury. I have a feeling Trump will resign and then we have to start all over again with Mike Pence… hopefully support for Pence will evaporate along with Trump. 👍👊⚠

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    • Thanks, Rob! Back to school is in a couple weeks and we hope to be back blogging full time. We may need to start up another blog. LOL! We are running out of data on this one. That 3 gigabytes of WordPress data went pretty fast. 👍👍

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      • I have considered that but I always feel like my next post could very well be my last… and believe me when I say, I do not have the kind of ego that needs to be begged to stay. I am enjoying the role of “party planner” and running out of blog data forces me to step up my game, make changes and reinvigorates my enthusiasm. This probably sounds silly but the most important things to me are the messages of Helen Keller and Mark Twain. I am a tiny tiny speck in their shadows and grateful for their protection. 👊

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      • I post large files, especially after I started playing with video, so it made sense to pay for the space.

        Helen Keller and Mark Twain; those are big shadows.

        We all stand in the shadows of great men and women. Was it their minds that made them great or their courage?

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    • LOL! I will enjoy every second of it. I have a feeling, that the Republicans won’t let him hold on too long because of the 2018 midterm elections. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan probably won’t like Donald Trump’s whining and squealing while they’re trying to hold on to their House and Senate seats. 👍👊

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      • Most Banana Republics have a strong military influence… The next thing you know, Trump will declare himself a General.
        According to today’s news, Jared and Ivanka are leaving the White House and returning to New York City… So the Big Orange turd stands alone… With his generals… when the rats jump ship… it’s over. regardless of what the next few months hold; Trump, McConnell Ryan and the rest of the Republican turds will get very little accomplished and that is the best news of the day. The bizarre circus and Freak Show that is about to unpack it’s tent in Washington DC is the icing on the cake. 👊

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  1. You bring up an excellent point and I think I would vote for courage. Helen Keller had real guts. She was an unabashed socialist, humanist and humanitarian as was Anne Sullivan-Macy. The women’s movement was very strong during their lifetimes and both women were a part of it. Helen was an organizer and a fundraiser without peer! The Nationalist/isolationist movement in the United States today and elsewhere in the world, would have horrified Helen. Helen would have snatched Donald Trump bald headed! Helen said that all isolationist have something to hide and we should drag it out into the light. She was a social justice Pioneer and fought fiercely for equal rights and Universal human decency. 👍👊


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