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Walton-ized: John Boy’s Miracle

Here’s our first report from Walton’s Mountain! It’s a miracle!

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One of me and Gunther’s favorite episodes from the 2nd season of The Waltons is a Thanksgiving story, creatively titled  “The Thanksgiving Story”.

In this episode, John Boy is studying hard for his entrance exams to Boatwright University… It’s The Depression and the Waltons don’t have much money and Jon boy needs a scholarship… They desperately need a miracle!

But while John Boy is helping Grandpa and Daddy in the sawmill, the belt flies off the saw and hits John Boy right in the head causing a severe brain injury! Gunther says it’s a good thing he didn’t take a direct hit to the LOVE-SPUDS… Knowing how the Waltons feel about having lots of children…
Miss Hunter, John Boy’s teacher,

…feels that John Boy should still take his college entrance exams, even though he has just had dangerous brain surgery and its 1933. So, she fixes it so that John…

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