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Secret serial killers and kleptomaniacs…

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Bob has decided that me and Gunther need to be “Waltonized”… He says I am too much like Walter Mitty with my head in the clouds! So… We will be watching ALL 9 seasons of The Waltons! Which, by the way, Bob received as a Christmas gift. ALL 9 SEASONS ON DVD!

Bob says it would be better if he could just drop us off at the Walton’s for a spell… But since that is not possible… Watching ALL 8 seasons of The Waltons is the next best thing…

We have already watched the first season. Me and Gunther have decided; the show would be better if grandma and grandpa Walton were  secret serial killers and Elizabeth, the littlest kid, was a kleptomaniac. Elizabeth could slowly rob Ike Godsey’s General Merchandise Store blind while  grandma and grandpa Walton knock-off the Baldwin sisters, putting an end to their illegal bootlegging operation…

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