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Fashion Sensible: Josephine Baker

Never underestimate the power of women! Viva La Resistance!
^^ Gunther

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Born FredaJosephine McDonald in St Louis Missouri on June 3, 1906, Josephine Baker was a dancer, singer, actress and civil rights leader.

She was the first African American woman to play a leading role in a major motion picture, Zouzou (1934).

She was also the first African American international star.

She worked primarily in Europe, basing herself in Paris.
Josephine refused to perform for segregated audiences in The United States. She got her way.

She was often called “The Black Pearl”.

Josephine Became a French citizen in 1937. She participated in the French Resistance during WW II, receiving the highest French military honors for her service.

Josephine died in Paris on April 12, 1975, she had just completed a standing room only series of performances. She was buried with full French military honors.
Many of her fine performances are available on YouTube. There is so much worth knowing about the…

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