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Absolute Happiness

Sunday Morning Affirmation:
Why Donald Trump and today’s Republicans will never win…

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I used to know absolutely everything about absolutely everything. I was a real “know it all”. I also had an automatic absolute opinion about absolutely everything. I also felt like I was the “clearinghouse” for all things absolutely worth knowing. Because I believed this, proved I was an absolute moron. This was my “front” and excuse for doing nothing with my life. I had no purpose or sense of proportion. Why would I? I knew absolutely everything about absolutely everything! I was an undisciplined, arrogant hypocrite. Okay, I know all of this I, I, I crap is absolutely sickening, especially coming from a moron like me, so here it is…

While standing in Ivy Green, the birthplace of Helen Keller in Tuscumbia, Alabama I had my first intelligent thought…

It is no one’s job to make me happy.

I am not the sole author and editor of my life. I…

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