Buffalo Tom Peabody

It’s A Wonderful Plunger

Christmas in July continues! It’s A Wonderful Plunger…

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Here is the story behind the story of a Hollywood classic motion picture!

At the end of the war, my dear friend Frank Capra, contacted me… He asked me to come up with a Timeless Christmas Classic and starring vehicle for me, Buffalo Tom Peabody!
I created a story about a man, his family, his plunger, diverticulitis and his brilliant cat!

I filled the story with lots of edgy drama surrounding plugged up toilets during one man’s life! Plugged up toilets haunt him constantly! Even a high fiber diet does not help! So, he decides to end it all! Magically his Guardian Angel appears and presents him with The Peabody Plunger©!

All of his troubles are over! He returns to his family and they celebrate!
Who can forget that famous last line…

One more thing… My moron of a manager insisted that I get top billing over Jimmy Stewart, Lionel…

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