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eyeTunes: Rock City 1956

In the 1950s there were cats and there were Cool Cats…

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Click the link and enjoy an Elvis hit from 1956 recorded in Nashville, RCA Records Studio B.






…Cats & Kittens 1956.


RCA Studio B recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally known simply as RCA Studios, it became famous in the 1950’s/60’s for being a part of what many refer to as the Nashville Sound. A sophisticated style characterized by background vocals and strings, the Nashville Sound both revived the popularity of country music and helped establish Nashville as an international recording center.


Historic RCA Studio B-once the recording home of popular music titans such as Elvis Presley, Chet Atkins, Eddy Arnold, and the Everly Brothers is both a classroom for Nashville area students and a popular cultural attraction.
Following the Mike Curb Family Foundation’s philanthropic 2002 purchase and subsequent lease in perpetuity to the non-profit Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum, the storied studio’s exterior has been renovated and…

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6 thoughts on “eyeTunes: Rock City 1956

    • LOL! it’s hard to believe but in 1956 Rock City, near Chattanooga”s Lookout Mountain was more famous than Elvis you couldn’t go anywhere in the Southeast without seeing huge signs painted on barns, billboards, bumper stickers, on taxis and buses “See Rock City” and I know that Elvis must have asked, just like everybody else did, “What and where the hell is Rock City?” and that’s why he is the King of Rock & Roll! 👍👍

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    • I didn’t know Elvis or meet him but having spent my career in the music business, most of it in Nashville, Muscle Shoals and Memphis, I met many who did and everyone said what a kind and considerate person he was and generous to a fault. He was a complicated person and I can’t imagine what the pressure must have been like just being Elvis. 👍👍

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