Buffalo Tom Peabody

Pet Peeves: There’s A Fungus Among Us

Why is it that good-for-nothings are always getting up to something? And why is it crazy people never sleep?

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You will never guess what happened last night…
Well, as you know Joan Crawford and Ali MacGraw are stalking Buffalo Tom so they can beat him up. They are staying in Ali’s Winnebago parked down the street… Last night Joan and Ali got into a huge hair-pulling and screaming Hollywood-Type-Cat-Fight in the middle of the street! They were fighting over Joan’s Academy Award Oscar statuette that she received for Best Actress in “Mildred Pierce”… After about an hour of this, I went out and turned the garden hose on them…


NEVER argue with or disturb a crazy person’s delusion… or they will beat you to a pulp with their Oscar statuettes!
Somehow, Joan managed to get into our house last night… She was caught on our security cameras…


Back at the Winnebago…


This morning…


Buffalo Tom is absolutely fearless..


Your best friend,

P.S. Gunther says, “Hey!”


The 9…

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