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Television Classics: Cat On A Rascal

Happy July 4th everybody! I’ve heard the only beach party in New Jersey today is it Governor Chris Christie’s beach house! Welcome to the new democracy!

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(That’s Yogi for don’t monkey with my Dilithium Crystals and Toodles!)

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9 thoughts on “Television Classics: Cat On A Rascal

    • You are so right. They did open the beaches for the 4th but in typical thug fashion they had to take a few hostages and blackmail the people of New Jersey first. I think I have a new political slogan: “Stop bullying and crime before it starts, DON’T vote for Republicans!” 👍👍


    • When I got online, a few years ago, I swore that I would never use that tired old “LOL” … until I discovered how touchy many people on social media are about comments in their comment boxes. It seems that only the Whitechapel Whelk and myself actually have a sense of humor that encompasses the broad spectrum of the genre. I was forced to use “LOL” on Facebook because FB users don’t understand complex statements like; “I nearly did a spit-take while viewing your post!” “Stop you’re killing me!” or the misunderstood “I nearly wet my pants!” It only takes a few responses like this to make me a believer in LOL, ” I hope you choke on your own spit you a**h*le because you wouldn’t know humor even if it bit you on your a**!” Of course most of it was misspelled. now I can proudly say, “LOL” and live to fight another day. 👍🐚👍 LOL

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