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Detective Tootie: The Verdict Is In!

The verdict is in… and the shocking aftermath!

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Dateline:Tallahassee, Florida
May13, 2015
Detective Gunther Tootie, Undercover Cop reporting:

The verdict in the Fancy (pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone murder trial is in!



Fancy Brainstone, accused of feeding her son, Chumlee Brainstone, to an alligator was convicted on murder charges today.


Here are the exclusive photographs that were entered into evidence against Fancy! (It is believed these photographs led to her conviction!)
Here you see Fancy aka “The Gator Whisperer”, as a child, riding her pet Gator Mr Fluffy Teeth…


In this next photo, Fancy feeds half & half to a pet baby alligator while she feeds her twin boys…Friskies cat food…


And finally… Here is the photo that sealed Fancy’s fate. It is believed that this is the last photo ever taken of poor little Chumlee Brainstone… It was found on Fancy’s smartphone when she was arrested…


Needless to say, the jury was horrified as District Attorney, Florian Burnem…

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