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Mr. Fluffy Teeth…

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Dateline: Tallahassee, Florida
April 8, 2015
Undercover Cop, Detective Gunther Tootie  reporting.

The Fancy (pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone murder trial continues!
As you may recall, Fancy is on trial for feeding her son,  Chumlee Brainstone, to an alligator!


Chumlee is pictured here with his grandparents, a.k.a. Fancy’s mother and step-father…


Today, District Attorney Florian Burnem introduced evidence which shows that Fancy Brainstone was known as “The Gator Whisperer” even as a child! It is also believed that several of Fancy’s childhood “chums” which disappeared under mysterious circumstances, may actually have been Fancy’s first victims!

8 year old Fancy is pictured here with her pet Gator, Mister Fluffy Teeth (a birthday present from her mother Phoenicia Brainstone-Tubbalardi)…


Now you are up to date!
Stay tuned to Buffalo Tom Peabody’s blog for all the latest developments in the Fancy Brainstone murder trial!


Undercover Cop, Detective Gunther Tootie, 3rd Grader (Honor…

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