Buffalo Tom Peabody

Fancy Brainstone Reveals All

Fancy (pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone claims that she is the “BRAIN” behind her cousin Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Empire! Ivanka responded by calling Fancy (pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone “FAKE NEWS!”

Buffalo Tom Peabody's Blog 1

“What’s the matter, haven’t you seen a pretty girl before?” demanded Fancy Brainstone in court today.


Dateline: Tallahassee, Florida
Undercover Cop, Detective Gunther Tootie reporting:

Fancy (pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone entered the following photographs into evidence today … In a feeble attempt to rehabilitate her sagging image in the eyes of the jury…


“It’s difficult to believe that Fancy was 8 months pregnant in these photos” said District Attorney Florian Burnem. “Shame! Shame! Shame! If you think these photos are bad you should see what she has posted on her Facebook account! It’s pure pornography!”


When shown this photograph,  a female juror whispered, “The stripes are a very bad idea.”


“I think she looks like a demented female-alien-wasp-type wrestler with a botched boob job!” said Buffalo Tom Peabody of the spectacle he witnessed in court today.
“I wouldn’t wanna fight her!” said Baby Dozy Mosley!


Fancy made loud “kissing”…

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