Buffalo Tom Peabody

Detective Tootie: Undercover Cop

Do we have only ourselves to blame? Are tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans the only answer? I will answer these questions and many more in my exciting new series!
^^ Detective Gunther Tootie
Undercover Cop & 4th Grader

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The story behind me and Buffalo Tom’s SHOCKumentary film sensation…
It’s a cautionary and filthy tale that must be told!


The Shocking Prequel:
Fancy Brainstone, Mother From Hell!
– Detective Gunther Tootie, reporting.
After a several months long investigation I am now ready to reveal the results of my investigation of Chauncey and Fancy (pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone.
Is Fancy Brainstone an alien, as some speculate, and is Chauncey her and Charles Manson’s evil alien spawn? Sadly, they are both just evil, mentally disturbed and homely humans.


When Fancy Brainstone was arrested in Gary, Indiana last week she said, referring to her crime spree, “You only have yourselves to blame for this! And don’t try to blame it on aliens or Charlie Manson! You made me this way! I am the victim! Somebody give me a cigarette and a drink!”
21 years ago when Fancy…

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