Buffalo Tom Peabody

Community College The Movie

We shot the entire film on our Android phones and edited it with the apps!

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Don’t miss it!
It’s me and Gunther’s first movie… Ever! I directed it and Gunther was the cameraman and editor!
This is THE College Movie for the 21st century!


Who is to blame for the dumb kids of today? What goes wrong? What are the warning signs? What makes them so hateful, dumb and violent?


Is our society driving these young people mad? …Or do they just wake up one morning and say, “What am I doing in Community College majoring in Fast-Food Management… How is it I flunked my hamburger assembly final? How come I’m not in a real college with real professors getting a real education? Why does no one like me? Can I get french fries with that? Why? Why? Why?”


Community … Or Community College … Who is to blame!


Based on a true story about the gritty world we live in! Proudly brought to you…

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