Buffalo Tom Peabody

The Big Head Theory 2

Happy Sunday everybody! We hope you enjoy the Big Head Theory! I’ll bet you my head is bigger than yours!

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Everyone has a theory!


Hollywood has a theory about big heads: Put several annoying know-it-alls with big heads in a sitcom and have a hot girl refer to them as “Sweetie” in a snotty voice and it will become the number one comedy on television . (Hollywood knows all about this, since it is the home of the annoying big head!) Hollywood is like a magnet for extremely short people with extremely big heads… I know because I am one of them.


FACT: people’s heads are actually getting bigger! Really!


Learn to embrace your big head. I consider myself a big head pioneer!


Don’t allow yourself to become depressed.


… And whatever you do… Don’t turn to food for comfort! With your luck, you will probably only gain weight in your head.


Remember, it is futile to try and disguise your big head with odd  facial hair placement.


It only…

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