Buffalo Tom Peabody

Ship-To-Shore (Part 2)

The Republicans hateful Healthcare bill just “dropped!” Trump, Ryan and McConnell give the “finger ” to the elderly, the disabled and the Working Poor in order to provide welfare to billionaires…
Here’s part 2…

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All hands!
Damn the torpedoes!



Your best friends,
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2 thoughts on “Ship-To-Shore (Part 2)

  1. The old clincher for me was: ‘Free Wi-Fi’
    I’ve been trolling the Sean Spicer press conferences via the live feed on The Independent.
    The rednecks and the feeble-minded don’t quite know what to make of me. One genius thought I was a fellow white supremacist:D

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    • LOL! The White House is the official Mega phone of the white supremacist movement.
      The US Senate reveal their health care bill today, which has nothing to do with health care but is in reality a tax cut bill that is being funded by the removal of Health Care for most Americans… otherwise known as corporate welfare and Welfare for billionaires.
      Looking at the bigger picture; billionaires are trying to get away with this Heist worldwide and eventually we may Fair a little better simply because everyone wants Donald Trump, Ivanka and Jared to become the “face” of the Billionaire’s war on the rest of us.
      As I write this, Capitol Hill Police directed by Senate Republicans/ Mitch McConnell, are arre the halls sting disabled people in of Congress who are protesting the Republican health care bill… so much for democracy. 😡 we may be down but we are not out! Viva La Resistance! 👍👍


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