22 thoughts on “Film Classics: The Omen

  1. Buffalo, I have lost track with what goes on out there, I don’t know if this post relates to some of the kind of puss news oozing out from some of the rotten hinds out there. I please have a question maybe not related but maybe you could help me: does it seem like Narcs and psychos are deluded with people’s vain efforts to tame/understand/and make them like them and so they keep thriving at what the do?

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    • Oh darn, Rob! I don’t remember the orange hair/wings reference. Damian reminds me of the post tragedy cries of “Why didn’t anyone see the warning signs?” … when I was a kid, there was a kid in our neighborhood who forged checks at the Neighborhood Market, stole anything that wasn’t locked down, he was a pathological liar, his parents were abusive alcoholics and he had brown stumps instead of teeth. Parents complained about a late night Prowler, Vandal and Thief. About 10 years later we read in the papers that he was arrested for brutally murdering a young woman he spotted while looking for a house to burgle. On the news every aspect of his troubled past and lengthy police record were dissected. EVERYONE had seen the signs… even long before he and his parents took up residence in an abandoned house three blocks from where I lived as a kid. All of us kids had different feelings about him that ranged from pity and sadness to fear and scorn. In his absence he was often the topic of conversation and speculation but I don’t remember anyone ever thinking the worst. he was in our neighborhood less than one month that summer and then he was gone. He made me feel very sad for him and helpless. When he was arrested I felt that way again only amplified by the wasting of his life and his taking the life of an innocent person. We saw signs of something completely foreign to us but no one imagined this.

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      • I was mixing films with the Orange Wings reference. In Spawn on of the demons who looks human has wings in his true form. If that kid was born without a sense of right and wrong there is little anyone can do.

        Remember, ‘The Bad Seed’?

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      • I do! I wanted Joan Crawford to appear and slap her… well I wanted Joan to slap everyone in the film. Monica, the lady who lived upstairs? I would have allowed Joan Crawford to push her down the steps . Wasn’t The Bad Seed’s name Gayle McCormick? It is definitely a fun movie. 👍😨👍

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      • Great Clip! Her finest moments! It is a fun movie. in the film they devoted quite a bit of dialogue to the nature versus nurture argument while Rhoda’s mother squirmed… in Joan Crawford’s “psychological thrillers” she usually came unhinged over a man so Her diagnosis really didn’t matter. Do you remember the name of the Joan Crawford film where she is released from a mental hospital and we are led to believe that she goes on a killing spree right before her daughter’s wedding? Her outfits and Janis Joplin style bracelets were hilarious. There is nothing as good as an old movie!🎬🎭👍

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      • Nature vs Nurture was the big social debate of the 1950’s. Post war America decided nurture played a larger role in personal success and responded by voting for the Great Society. They were correct and many people benefited from vocational programs and federally funded scholarships.

        The Joan Crawford flick? I’m gonna guess before I google it. I think it was called Straight Jacket.

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      • You have excellent insight on films and pop culture. That explains why you are an artist!
        I’m going to watch Joan Crawford in “Torch Song” where she wears that bright red fright-wig and hates her piano accompanist because he’s blind and can’t appreciate her beauty! This film is so convoluted that I have to pause it while I Roar with laughter. They had no idea they were making a John Waters film! Now that’s Entertainment! 👍👍

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      • Joan Crawford is a great example of everything that made life a conflicted hell for women in the early 20th Century.

        Even as late as the 1960’s.

        Think of Bewitched.

        Bewitched is the story of a beautiful and gifted woman who must suppress her power over the forces of nature to please a vain and stupid little man.

        Thank God we don’t expect women to do that now!

        BTW, Did they ever get that thing with Hillary’s email sorted out? 😉

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      • LOL! Hillary’s emails! Hillary definitely scares the hell out of misogynist Republicans!
        Looking around the world today? Women are getting the job done just as they always have. Until women are allowed total equality and representation we’re wasting the world’s greatest resource. I’m glad to see that Progressive and Justice Democrats are reigniting the peace movement… and it’s being led by women. I can’t help but imagine what would happen if Republicans took all the energy they waste keeping people down and used it to lift people up…

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      • LOL! Republicans Stooges don’t get under my skin like they used to. My neighbor, Super Mom, says the only way to deal with Republicans is 2 snub them and isolate them because they thrive on bullying and fall apart when resisted and ignored. we need to get about the business of getting them out of office and stop rising to the bait. Republicans act like stupid smart asses because they ARE stupid smart asses and they know it makes us crazy. Ann Coulter is a perfect example, she is the stupid smart ass pin-up girl for stupid smart asses. it’s hard to name a republican that isn’t a stupid smart ass. it’s ALL they have. only a stupid smart ass could convince other heartless stupid smart asses that sick people are the problem for health insurance companies that demand a 30% profit so they can pay ever-increasing inflated dividends to their billionaire stockholders.
        last night, on the PBS NewsHour, Judy Woodruff said that no Republicans would come on to discuss their health care bill. Earlier in the week a few Republicans came on and mumbled their way through a few questions on the bills. A Mississippi senator actually lowered his voice to unintelligible levels to disguise his double talk. the end is near when the stupid smart asses know that they are stupid smart asses. oh! I don’t want to forget, the stupid Republican senator from Mississippi actually said “Cutting Medicaid will help Medicaid patients transition to conventional health insurance companies because we didn’t expand Medicaid under Obamacare.” 👊

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