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Tomb Raiders: The FinalChapter

The Final Chapter? Not so fast! There’s more coming from Egypt tomorrow…

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If you have been keeping up with me and Gunther’s summer vacation adventure in Egypt, you know we finally located a souvenir mummy in King Tut’s tomb. How were we supposed to know they actually keep King Tut in there AND how were we supposed to know you can’t just take King Tut from his tomb and put him in your garage?



Interestingly Getting Captain Kirk and the Enterprise to beam King Tut to our garage made him an accessory to Plundering.


Captain Kirk beamed King Tut from our garage in Alabama back to his tomb in Egypt… which made Zahi Hawass and the Egyptian government very happy and they decided not to press charges… AFTER they checked to make sure no parts were missing.


Gunther found a lady on Craigslist that lives in Cairo who is selling an authentic King Tut replica that she got just for opening…

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