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Tomb Raiders: LOST

Our first vacation stop is Egypt! Show us your mummies!

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Dateline: Egypt
June 3, 2015

. . . As you know, me and Gunther are on Summer Vacation… We left Sweet Home, Alabama on our Vespa scooters 2 days ago headed for Mayberry, North Carolina . . .


. . .and now we’re lost! We didn’t program our Android GPS trip planner correctly… or maybe a Shadow Government messed with our GPS… or maybe we passed through a Time Warp… or maybe we were listening to music on our smartphones and missed a few turns…
We got really good gas mileage though, only half-a-tank to reach Egypt!
We decided we wanted to pick up a souvenir Mummy so we headed off for the Great Pyramid of Giza!
Me and Gunther listen to Art Bell on radio so we know where to go and what to do when we get there!



Well, that was a BURNT RUN!


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2 thoughts on “Tomb Raiders: LOST

  1. hey, hey, hey! you’re getting close to where they found the orb. Ummmm … did I say orb? I didn’t mean that. I meant … ummmmm … ummmmm … ancient artifact. yeh. that.

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    • LOL! We almost started a mystical intergalactic incident.
      The orb and the sabre/sword dance are forever burned into my mind. I think all of the Trump women should spend at least a year living as Saudi Arabian women live … they might develop an appreciation for democracy and justice…

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