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There’s No Business Like…

While me and the guys are on vacation we thought you might like to see some of our greatest hits! You have probably not seen them! Toodles!

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… Business as usual…









Don’t miss the next exciting episode!

(That’s Yogi for… I just can’t take my eyes off that snaggle tooth!… & Toodles!)
Your best friend,
Buffalo Tom

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19 thoughts on “There’s No Business Like…

    • Hahaha! Poor Ali! “Love Story” what’s my introduction to Ali MacGraw and her Mystic Mesmer Tooth! I haven’t been able to take my eyes off it since! for me, her career has been eclipsed by her snaggletooth. Ali MacGraw and Joan Crawford are my Arch Nemesis’s. Joan has been following me around with a wire hanger for years and Ali wants to beat me up for drawing attention to her Mystic Mesmer Tooth! This summer we will be rerunning some of our Joan Crawford and Ali MacGraw Adventures! they are almost as absurd as the big fat yam and his crime family sitting in the White House! 👍👍

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      • Thanks, Rob! You are so kind. I figured this would be a good time to take a vacation while Trump and the rest of the sociopath Republicans destroy themselves and their disgusting political party. The news over the weekend, where a group of school children refused to have their picture taken with Paul Ryan, says it all… Republicans are being shown the door. The best part is sociopaths never expect blowback from all of their BS. I have always advocated for shunning Republicans because we cannot change them. The best we can do is protect ourselves from them by passing laws against them.

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      • A conservative party that unites with liberals on protecting the rule of law is essential for our democracy. The bright spot to Trump it is watching liberals and conservatives unite to place country over party.

        For the first time in years, I’m having discussions with principled conservatives I can respect.

        The modern republican party became an extremist movement.

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      • the Republican Party relies on psychological warfare to maintain its base of bigots, racists, homophobes, anti-semites, violent lunatics Etc. so that they will emotionally respond and vote against their best interests. Republicans are no longer a political party and there is no such thing as a moderate Republican. The Republican psychological warfare is blowing up in their face as I write this. there is no going back for them. The Republicans treasonous pact with Russia , which is supported by every Republican in government is the iceberg that will take down the Republican Titanic which has NO lifeboats. If there are any moderate Republicans in the party Why are they voluntarily going down with the ship? I am a liberal in a DEEP red state. I was here when “The moderate Republican” was introduced by Ronald Reagan as part of the southern strategy which we now know was the beginning of Republican psychological warfare to cultivate Southern support for billionaires and corporations. Using the compassionate conservatives on their propaganda Fox News Network and through their Stooges like Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart Etc have repeated the Republican lies so often that the poor people here actually believe they have too much and rich people don’t have enough… 30 years of failed trickle-down Reagan economics hasn’t sunk in yet because bigoted racist moderate Republicans blame it on “That black man who was in The White House for 8 years and that silly woman, Hillary, who wants to be president.” Shun the Republicans now because once you think there is a moderate Republican… it starts all over again and history repeats itself. ttere is literally a thief and murderer in our “house” and I don’t believe in moderate thieves and murderers. I’ve had enough conversations with Republicans who think poor & working people should die for their tax cuts.

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      • We have done lasting damage to our prestige as a nation. How can our allies trust a nation in which more than a quarter of the population is so broken by ignorance that they knowingly elect a man with no understanding of global politics, no moral credibility, and no knowledge of the history of his own Nation?

        And why did these people vote for him? Because they believed the most transparent lies about a woman who has spent most of her life in public service.

        There is no getting around it.

        If we are going to recover from this moment of shame, we will have to pony up our tax dollars and fully fund public education.

        If we survive this, funding education # 1.

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      • You are so right! Funding for education is so bad here that the school children are forced to go door-to-door selling nick-nacks on a monthly basis to buy books and fund basic School needs. The next thing you know they will be selling Amway door to door promoted by Betsy DeVos education secretary & Amway heiress. The school funding in our state is being held hostage by Republicans who promised better paying jobs that never seemed to materialize no matter how many corporate tax cuts we give them… on the backs of our kids education.
        A freedom caucus Republican doesn’t care how many kids die to give billionaires a tax cut. A moderate Republican thinks the number of dead children is negotiable. It is not possible to compromise with any Republican without losing your soul. My feeling is if a billionaire can’t be reasonably happy just by being a billionaire they shouldn’t take it out on innocent children.
        As liberals we seem to think we must get along with Republicans Republicans have never wanted to get along… they want to get it all. Hopefully, if we work hard enough, 2018 will be a move toward social justice.

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